Analog Jones discusses an eccentric old sorcerer named Ralph Bakshi in our Wizards (1977) VHS Movie Review. 

Directed by Ralph Bakshi
Produced by Ralph Bakshi
Written by Ralph Bakshi
Production Company: Bakshi Productions
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date: February 9, 1977
Running time: 80 minutes
Budget: $2 million
Box Office: $9 million

Starring in Wizards (1977)
Bob Holt – Avatar
Jesse Welles – Elinore
Richard Romanus – Weehawk
David Proval – Necron 99/Peace
Steve Gravers – Blackwolf
James Connell – President
Mark Hamill – Sean
Susan Tyrrell – Narrator (uncredited)

VHS Box Description
Ralph Bakshi's animated fantasy of good conquering evil. 

The gifted imagination of mast animator Ralph Bakshi triumphs in this futuristic fantasy that depicts a battle between magic and technology. 

Avatar, an eccentric old sorcerer who appears to have cast one spell too many, uses kindness and understanding to rule Montagar, a rainbow paradise inhabited by elves and fairies. His brother, Blackwolf, dominates Scortch, a bleak, barren land of goblins and wraiths. Thirsting for even more power. Blackwolf whips his minions into a frenzy with Nazi propaganda films, arms them with long-forgotten instruments of war, and sends them forth to conquer Montagar. In response, Avatar, accompanied only by a spirited young woman and a courageous elf, embarks on a dangerous quest into the darkness of Scortch to save the world with his own magic. 

Thought-provoking, Wizards, is a kaleidoscopic feast for the eyes that will enthrall animation fans and adventurers.


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