The Dark Knight and TMNT meet Analog Jones! We finish off our Batman Animated Movie Month with a new-ish movie. This week we review Batman vs. Teenage...View Details

The First Feature-Length Batman Beyond Movie...and only! Jon Harrington is joining Analog Jones once again and reviewing another Batman Animated movie...View Details

It's going to get cold this summer....but wait, It's winter! Jon Harrington returns to discuss Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero as we continue our Bat...View Details

The Dark Knight fights to save Gotham City from its deadliest enemy...Analog Jones! Jon Harrington sits down with Analog Jones to discuss Batman: Mask...View Details

Analog Jones will tear the scream from your throat! This week we review 1981's Wolfen to complete our Orion month. Stick around to listen to us talk a...View Details

The future of law enforcement is back to protect the innocent. Analog Jones continues their Orion month by talking about Alex Murphy and the dystopian...View Details

It's a life so outrageous it takes two women to live it and two men to talk about it. Listen to Analog Jones breakdown one more Orion film in Desperat...View Details

Something Different, Something Daring, Something Dangerous, Something Analog! Matt and I sit down to review Something Wild from 1986. What a sleeper h...View Details

Like most female lead superhero movies, social media is buzzing with extreme views on Wonder Woman 1984. Naturally, Analog Jones wanted to add to the ...View Details

Analog Jones is spreading holiday fear this Christmas when they review Santa's Slay starring Bill Goldberg! This episode was recorded live on the 15 h...View Details

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