Torture, death, and destruction reign supreme in the castle of werewolves but don't worry. We have a secret weapon leading us in. Chris makes his firs...View Details

This week Alex Vazquez helps us start our Halloween season franchise review by watching The Howling (1981) directed by Joe Dante!  The Howling (1981) ...View Details

Analog Jones is back in New York bringing justice to the streets...with Alex Vazquez! We continue our backward franchise review of Death Wish when we ...View Details

Rambo (2008) Movie Review

Live for Podcast, or die for Analog Jones! Analog Jones finishes off their Rambo franchise review with Rambo (2008).  Quick Facts on Rambo (2008) Dire...View Details

Analog Jones continues its Rambo franchise review and travels to Afghanistan to battle Russians! Not many action films age as poorly as Rambo III, but...View Details

Brad returns to help us continue our Rambo franchise review. This week Analog Jones dives face-first into Rambo: First Blood Part II from 1985 starrin...View Details

Analog Jones tackles another HUGE action franchise by reviewing the Rambo films. First up, we review Rambo: First Blood (1982) with our friend Brad.  ...View Details

According to science, Bigfoot doesn't exist, but Analog Jones doesn't believe in science. This week, we look at Rick Baker's makeup masterpiece Harry ...View Details

The faces you love. The voices you expect. Analog Jones wraps up our franchise review of Lethal Weapon with the 4th and final installment. This week w...View Details

The magic is back again...well, maybe. Analog Jones continues its Lethal Weapon franchise review with Lethal Weapon 3 from 1992, starring Mel Gibson, ...View Details

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