Chris is back on Analog Jones to complete our wacky sports film theme. This week we try our best to get through Future Sport from 1999 starring Dean C...View Details

Rad (1986) Movie Review

Chris returns to Analog Jones to discuss another wacky sports film. This week we discuss a BMX racing classic in Rad from 1986.  How to find Analog Jo...View Details

Analog Jones returns for a review of a movie starring Jami Gertz and Jason, it's not Lost Boys, it's Solarbabies from 1986!  Quick FactsDi...View Details

Analog Jones sits down with Adam and Justin of Frightfully Forgotten on youtube and talks about VHS, horror movies, and nostalgia.  You can find Frigh...View Details

Analog Jones says goodbye to Matt by making him watch a crazy Christian film, Tribulation starring Gary Busey!  Tribulation (2000) Quick FactsDirected...View Details

2021 Review

Analog Jones is reviewing 2021, from movies to tv series and games. We mention all the Disney stuff along with a lot of HBO content.  Movies mentioned...View Details

It's time for Top Gun on the Ski Slopes! This week Analog Jones asked Brad to come along and help us tell everyone about a cult classic that every ski...View Details

Analog Jones travels back in time to the '70s to hang out with Batman and his former classmates, trying to save their old sensei. This week we review ...View Details

Will Analog Jones dare to look beneath the red hood? This week Matt and Steve review Batman: Under the Red Hood from 2010.  Batman: Under the Red Hood...View Details

For years the people of Gotham have wondered, "Who is HE?" Now they are asking, "Why do we listen to this podcast?". Analog Jones reviews another Batm...View Details

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