Uh, Wicky wild wild. Wicky wicky wild, wicky wicky wild wild wild Analog Jones! The two best-hired guns in the West, no not Matt and Steve, Jim West and Artemus Gordon must save President Grant from a crazy legless scientist (Dr. Arliss Loveless) and his giant robotic spider. Yes, that's the story and it gets weirder. Saddle up and get ready to hear a crazy tail of Wild Wild West from 1999.

Matt and Steve not only explain the box art, trailers and behind the scenes of Wild Wild West but they also visit the famous Kevin Smith story about Jon Peters and his dream of a giant spider on the big screen.

Comeback Next week when we continue our Soundtrack September and watch Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves with Kevin Kostner. Jon Harrington returns as a special guest, we can't get rid of that nerd!  

Time Stamps
00:00:46 Wild Wild West Trailer
00:02:17 Talking about Will Smith’s original song for this film and Smithmania
00:06:40 Warner Brothers problems and movies that bombed
00:10:10 Matt describes the VHS box art and reads the synopsis
00:14:27 Talking about the trailers on this VHS which include Jack Frost, Austin Power’s the Spy Who Shagged Me, Iron Giant, Steel Assassin and Music Videos
00:18:38 Burger King Commercial
00:19:52 Feature Presentation and Movie Notes
00:25:08 First Racist Joke  
00:40:13 First Gay Panic Joke with the “Touch my Breast scene”
00:45:34 Jim West vs Dr. Loveliss in an insult off
00:58:06 No More Mr. Knife Guy line
01:05:00 Talking about the Wild Wild West Music Video
01:08:53 What’s going in our Museum
01:12:10 Jon Peters time! We talk about this crazy dude and the Kevin Smith story
01:15:01 Talking Death of Superman Lives documentary
01:17:15 Talking Barry Sonnenfeld
01:21:49 Golden Raspberry Awards
01:22:44 We briefly talk about fans of the original TV series of the same name
01:23:36 The many changes to cast and crew
01:28:57 Wrap up and what’s next

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