Do you love buddy cop movies? Do you love Dinosaus? Do you love Whoopi Goldberg!?! Well how about when you smash them all together and have to sue your star just to get her on camera? Let's travel back to the mid 90's and unearth this truely bizarre mash up in Theodore Rex! Matt and Steve are joined by special guest star, Jon Harrington, listen as all three of them try their hardest to figure out WTF they just watched. 

Theodore Rex is rated PG and has a runtime of 92 minutes. It was released direct to video on July 6, 1996 and was at the time the most expensive DTV on record at 33.5 million dollars. 

Directed and Written by Jonathan R. Betuel
Starring Whoopi Goldberg as Katie Coltrane
Armin Mueller-Stahl as Elizar Kane
Julet Landau as Dr. Veronica Shade
Bud Cort as Spinner
Stephen McHattie as Edge 
George Newborn as Theodore Rex (Teddy)

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