Every podcast thinks terrible thoughts and this week those terrible thoughts are about The Rage: Carrie 2. Analog Jones is joined by The Jersey Ghouls to review this over the top 90's horror film.

The Rage: Carrie 2 was released into theaters on March 12, 1999. The budget was $21 million, and the movie made $17.8 million in the box office.

Directed by Katt Shea
Produced by Paul Monash
Written by Rafael Moreu
Based on Carrie by Stephen King

The Rage: Carrie 2 Cast
Emily Bergl as Rachel Lang
Jason London as Jesse Ryan
Dylan Bruno as Mark Bing
J. Smith Cameron as Barbara Lang
Amy Irving as Sue Snell
Zachery Ty Bryan as Eric Stark

The Rage: Carrie 2 Trailers
The World is Not Enough (James Bond)
The James Bond 007 Collection
The Mod Squad (1999)
Blast From the Past
Rocky Marciano
The Lesser Evil
The Corruptor

The Rage: Carrie 2 Plot
Barbara Lang has schizophrenia and is locked up in a mental institution called Arkham Asylum. Rachel has to live with foster parents.

Years later, Rachel talks with her best friend Lisa, who has lost her virginity to Eric, a football player. The football players have a game where they sleep with girls and receive points. After Eric rejects her, Lisa commits suicide. Her death ignites Rachel's dormant telekinetic powers.

Rachel discovers a photo of Lisa and Eric. She tells school guidance counselor Sue Snell and Sheriff Kelton that Lisa and Eric slept together. Kelton looks into charging Eric with statutory rape.

Walter, Rachel's Basset Hound dog, is hit by a car, but Jesse drives by and takes the dog to an animal hospital. They have coffee while Walter is recovering.

Eric, Mark and several other football players learn that Rachel had a photo of Eric and Lisa together and gave it to Sheriff Kelton. They pay Rachel a visit at her house to intimidate her into not talking, but her powers stop them.

Sue Snell meets with Rachel and learns Rachel is telekinetic. Snell shows Rachel the original high school from Carrie (1976) that she survived, but 70 people died in the fire that Carrie White started.

The Senior D.A. covers up the statutory rape because of the political influence of the wealthy families. Encouraged, Mark plots to humiliate Rachel for what she did to Eric. He apologizes to Jesse and offers his parents' cabin so Jesse can spend the night with Rachel. Rachel loses her virginity, both unaware that a hidden video camera is filming them.

Rachel goes to a party, and the popular kids reveal their sex game that she is a part of, which triggers Rachel's telekinesis and unleashes the rage in her. Rachel closes the doors, kills most of the party goers, including Sue Snell in a horrific display of power. Rachel gets crushed by a piece of the house, Jesse says he loves her and she saves him.

A year later, Jesse is at college, sharing his room with Rachel's dog, Walter. Jesse dreams Rachel approaches him in his dorm. When he walks towards her, she shatters into pieces in a very odd ending.

Behind the Scenes of The Rage: Carrie 2
Original the script was titled The Curse and was stalled for two years. When the film started to shoot in 1998 it was retitled to Carrie 2: Say You're Sorry.

A few weeks into production the first director Robert Mandel quit over creative differences, and Katt Shea took over.

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