Matt and Steve get weird for Easter by watching The Littlest Angel’s Easter (1998) and Jay Jay the Jet Plane: Never Give Up (2002). We bought these VHS for 25 cents apiece at a local resale shop and boy do we wish we would of saved our money.

The Littlest’s Angel’s Easter (1998)

Directed by: John Delaney

Cast: Naomi Judd

Produced by:
Don Schroeder (Executive Producer)
Chris Delaney (Producer)
Arnie Zipursky (Producer)

Animation Department: Yoosik Oum (Layout Artist)

Jay Jay the Jet Plane: Never Give Up (2002)

Jay Jay’s Butterfly Adventure
Snuffy’s Thanksgiving
Tracy’s Shooting Star

Additional distribution was added with Tommy Nelson, the children's division of book publisher Thomas Nelson, although the series is not overtly "Christian". Voice actress Mary Kay Bergman provided the original voice of Jay Jay, Herky, Savannah, and Revvin Evan. After her death, Debi Derryberry and Donna Cherry replaced her.

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