Get your black hair dye and leather pants out! Then listen to the boys talk about how freaking awesome this 90's film is with our Crow (1994) VHS Movie Review.

Quick Facts

Directed by Alex Proyas (Dark City)
Produced by Jeff Most, Edward R. Pressman and Grant Hill
Written by David J. Schow and John Shirley
Based on The Crow by James O'Barr

Brandon Lee as Eric Draven
Rochelle Davis as Sarah
Ernie Hudson as Sgt. Albrecht
Michael Wincott as Top Dollar
Bai Ling as Myca
Sofia Shinas as Shelly Webster
Anna Levine as Darla
David Patrick Kelly as T-Bird
Angel David as Skank
Laurence Mason as Tin-Tin
Michael Massee as Funboy
Tony Todd as Grange
Jon Polito as Gideon
Bill Raymond as Mickey
Marco Rodríguez as Torres

Production company: Dimension Films
Distributed by Miramax
Release date: May 13, 1994
Running time: 102 minutes
Budget: $23 million
Box office: $50.7 million

VHS Box description

"Spectacular!" -Chicago Tribune
"Thrilling!" -Los Angeles Daily News
"Action-packed!" -WBAI Radio, New York
"A Triumph!" -Playboy
"Brandon Lee Is Sensational!" -Rolling Stone

The Year's Most Talked-About Film!

Catch the explosive, action-packed hit that thrilled moviegoers and dazzled critics everywhere! Brandon Lee (Rapid Fire) plays Eric Draven, a young rock guitarist, who, along with his fiancee, is brutally killed by a ruthless gang of criminals. Exactly one year after his death, Eric returns-watched over by a hypnotic crow-to seek revenge, battling the evil crime lord and his band of urban thugs, who must answer for their crimes. Loaded with intense, nonstop action and a hot #1 hit soundtrack, The Crow delivers exhilarating, fast-paced entertainment!

Also included, the exclusive featurette of Brandon Lee's last on-camera interview including never-before-seen footage, conducted shortly before his untimely death!

"The Best Movie of it's kind since the original Batman!" -Chicago Tribune

Top 5 Box Office Results in May 1994

1 The Flintstones $130,531,208
2 Maverick $101,631,272
3 The Crow $50,693,129
4 Beverly Hills Cop III $42,614,912
5 Crooklyn $13,642,861

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