It's the start of a VERY BUSEY CHRISTMAS! The first VHS this December is "Surviving the Game" from 1994. Get ready for the most dangerous game, hunting humans, and a bunch of dudes hamming it up in the woods!

Surviving the Game was released into theaters on April 15, 1994, from New Line Cinema on a budget of $7.4 million, and it had a box office return of $7.7 million. It was in theaters the same time as D2: The Mighty Ducks, Major League 2, Bad Girls and Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Directed by Ernest R. Dickerson
Produced by Fred C. Caruso
Written by Eric Bent

Surviving the Game Cast includes:
Ice-T as Jack Mason
Rutger Hauer as Thomas Burns
Charles S. Dutton as Walter Cole
Gary Busey as Doc Hawkins
John C. McGinley as John Griffin
F. Murray Abraham as Derek Wolfe Sr.
William McNamara as Derek Wolfe Jr.
Jeff Corey as Hank
Richard Blackwell as "Tiny"

Surviving the Game VHS Trailers include:
Above the Rim (1994)
Bitter Moon (1994)
The Mask (1994)

Surviving the Game Plot:
Jack Mason is a homeless man that losses his only friends, Hank an older homeless man and his pet dog, on the same day. Mason attempts suicide but is saved by Walter Cole. Cole promises him a job as a hunting guide that pays well if he can handle it.

Mason passes the test given from Thomas Burns and is flown to a remote cabin in Oregon. Once at the Cabin, Mason meets the hunting party that paid $50,000 each to be included in this particular hunt. The party consists of Thomas Burns, the founder of the hunt, and super weird guy. Doc Hawkins, a psychopathic psychiatrist who specializes in psychological assessments for the CIA. Walter Cole, the locator, he finds the perfect prey. Texas "oil man" John Griffin or Dr. Cox who is grieving over the murder of his daughter. Wealthy executive on Wall Street, Derek Wolfe Sr. and his son Derek Wolfe Jr., who is at first unaware of the actual purposes of the hunt.

The first night all the men are eating a pig feast and engaging in conversation (Also chewing as loud as possible). Mason receives a pack of cigarettes from Hawkins and learns a little history about his birthmark. Gary Busey gives a monologue to die for about his bulldog, and a must watch.

The next morning Mason is woken up with a gun to the face and is told to run for his life! The group finish breakfast and then begin the hunt. Mason is forced to protect himself and survive at any means possible. Will he survive?! Let the hunting start!!!!

A dog dies within 10 minutes; actually, that sucks.
A brutal story of the killing of Prince Henry Stout by Gary Busey (this film hates dogs).
Heads in jars, always a treat.
Gary Busey is served up extra crispy.
Dr. Cox gets shot IN THE FACE.
An exploding ATV that leaves a man legless.
An annoying young man falls to his death, and the whole audience is better for it.
Rutger Hauer dresses up as a priest and GETS BLOWN UP.
Bonus points, Ice-T can't stop saying quotable lines! Example, "I would run to Alaska for twenty dollars."

Come back next week for our surprise Busey movie for a "Very Busey Christmas"!

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