Listen to Steve and special guest Jon Harrington say the magic word and save the day when they talk about DC's newest film, Shazam!

Quick Facts
Shazam! is a comic book movie based on DC Comics character of the same name. Shazam! was released April 5, 2019, on a budget of $80-100 million.

Directed by David F. Sandberg
Produced by Peter Safran
Screenplay by Henry Gayden
Story by Henry Gayden and Darren Lemke
Based on Characters by DC Comics

Zachary Levi as Shazam/William "Billy" Batson
Mark Strong as Dr. Thaddeus Sivana
Asher Angel as William "Billy" Batson/Shazam
Jack Dylan Grazer as Frederick "Freddy" Freeman
Djimon Hounsou as Shazam
Faithe Herman as Darla Dudley
Grace Fulton as Mary Bromfield
Ian Chen as Eugene Choi
Jovan Armand as Pedro Peña
Marta Milans as Rosa Vasquez
Cooper Andrews as Victor Vasquez

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