Matt, Stephen, and Jon escape the dungeons of Nottingham to review Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves from 1991. A rich boy from Nottingham, Robin Hood (Kevin Costner), travels with Azeem (Morgan Freeman) back to England after the third Crusades only to find England has been turned upside down.

Robin Hood along with a very colorful cast of side characters must do battle with the brutal and sometimes hilarious Sheriff of Nottingham played by the late Alan Rickman. Will the Merryman save Maid Marian (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) and the rest of the crew before they hang? Is Marian and Robin Hoods first dance after their wedding played by Bryan Adams? Sit down, drink some mead and find out!

Next week Matt and Steve continue their Soundtrack September with Earth Girls are Easy from 1988. Can you guess their favorite song from that cult classic that may or may not be a musical?

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