Analog Jones continues with Moonbeam Movember by playing putt-putt golf with some mini-dinos that barely appear in the film. Let's pop in this tape and take a look at Prehysteria! 3.  


Quick Facts

Directed by David DeCoteau (as Julian Breen)

All Writing Credits

Michael Davis (screenplay)

Brent V. Friedman (story)

Mark Goldstein (characters)

Neil Ruttenberg (screenplay)

Greg Suddeth (characters)

Pete von Sholly (original idea)

Released: September 1995



Whitney Anderson as Ella MacGregor

Owen Bush as Mr. Cranston

Dave Buzzotta as Heath MacGregor

Thomas Emery Dennis as Dole

John Fujioka as Mr. Yamamoto

Matt Letscher as Needlemeyer

Pam Matteson as Michelle MacGregor

Michael R. Thayer as Jeff

Bruce Weitz as Hal MacGregor

Fred Willard as Thomas MacGregor

Frank Welker as Elvis, Paula, Jagger, Hammer, and Madonna


VHS Box Description

In their third and most fun-filled adventure, everybody's favorite mini-dinos bring their prehistoric party to a putt-putt course. Unfortunately for the course's owners, Thomas (Fred Willard) and Michelle MacGregor (Pam Matteson), business is way under par, and they'll need some kind of miracle to make their next loan payment. 


Daughter Ella (Whitney Anderson) finds five mini-miracles named Elvis, Paula, Jagger, Madonna, and Hammer, and the MacGregors get the inspiration for the all-new Dino-Putt! But just as the Dino-Putt starts doing some brontosaurus-sized business, Thomas' evil brother Hal (Bruce Weitz) hatches a scheme to shut it down and take over his brother's property. 


Of course, Ella and her pint-sized pals have some dinomite plans fo their own! 



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Josh Kirby Time Warrior 


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