Analog Jones continues A Very Busey Christmas with a bizarre sequel, Predator 2 starring Danny Glover and Gary Busey.

Predator 2 was released on November 21, 1990, with a budget of $35 million and made $57 million in cumulative worldwide gross.

Director: Stephen Hopkins (Lost in Space, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5)
Writers: Jim and John Thomas (characters and script)

Predator 2 Cast:
Danny Glover as Lieutenant Michael "Mike" R. Harrigan, an LAPD Officer who is investigating rival Jamaican and Colombian drug cartels. He is very stubborn and often is criticized by the superior officers for not obeying orders.
Kevin Peter Hall as The Predator, a member of a warrior race which hunts aggressive members of other species for sport, uses active camouflage, a plasma weapon and can see in the infrared spectrum. Hall also played the Elder Predator, the leader of the Predators at the end of the film.
Gary Busey as Special Agent Peter Keyes posed as a DEA agent leading a special task force investigating a drug conspiracy as a cover for his attempts to capture the Predator.
Ruben Blades as Detective Danny Archuleta, a member of Harrigan's team and a long time friend of his.
María Conchita Alonso as Detective Leona Cantrell, an LAPD cop involved in the Jamaican-Colombian gang wars.
Bill Paxton as Detective Jerry Lambert, an LAPD cop, transferred from another precinct into Metro Command. His role is often that of comic relief.
Lilyan Chauvin as Dr. Irene Richards, the chief medical examiner and forensic pathologist of Los Angeles. She aids Harrigan, in spite of being completely cut out of the official investigation by Keyes' team.
Robert Davi as Deputy Chief Phil Heinemann.
Adam Baldwin as Garber, a member of Keyes' task force.
Kent McCord as Captain B. Pilgrim, an LAPD cop and Harrigan's boss.
Morton Downey, Jr. as Tony Pope, a journalist who reports the gruesome and murderous homicides left by the Predator. The police constantly criticize him for interfering with investigations.
Calvin Lockhart as King Willie, the boss of the Jamaica Voodoo Posse. He appears to be psychic because of his voodoo beliefs.

Box Synopsis
It comes from a distant world to hunt people for sport. Invisible, and armed with powerful weapons unlike anything we know, it stalks its human quarry mercilessly, leaving mangled corpses in its wake. Late time, it landed in the jungle. This time, it's chosen, Los Angeles.

Ravaged by open warfare between rival drug gangs. L.A. is the perfect killing ground for the Predator, who is drawn by heat and conflict. When the police find mutilated bodies, Lieutenant Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) thinks it's the work of the feuding gangs. Then a mysterious government agent (Gary Busey) arrives and orders him to stay off the case. Instead, Harrigan sets out to learn what's really going on and comes face to face with the savage alien in a climactic, electrifying confrontation.

Co-starring Ruben Blades and featuring superb special effects from Stan Winston. PREDATOR 2 is a suspenseful action thriller.

Columbians and the cops get into a block war with exploding cars and everything.
Columbians do coke and get destroyed by the Predator.
King Willie gets his head chopped off.
Bill Paxton tells a lot of bad jokes.
A Voodoo soul stealing ceremony gets broken up by the Predator.
The Pred attacks a subway car full of armed cops and passengers.
Danny Glover chops off the Predators arm.
The old woman in the apartment building is parts hilarious and weird.
Gary Busey gets chopped in half.
Danny Glover gets a pirate gun.

Come back next week for our surprise Busey movie for a "Very Busey Christmas"!

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