Welcome to Analog Jones and the Temple of Film. We are breaking down the 2018 remake of Death Wish with special guest Alex Vazquez.

Directed by Eli Roth, Roth has directed such movies as Cabin Fever and Hostile.

Produced by Roger Birnhaum and he has produced many remakes as The Magnificent Seven, RoboCop and Footloose.

The Characters from this film were based on the original novel by Brian Garfield and the original film in 1974 by screenwriter Wendall Mayes.

The original screenplay was done by Joe Carnahan but he left the project in Feburary of 2013 because of creative differences.

Bruce Willis as Dr. Paul Kersey, he's a surgeon in this film, not an architect like the previous five films.

Vincent D'Onofrio as Frank Kersey, Paul's brother with a criminal record.

Dean Norris as Detective Kevin Raines, the main detective in his wife's murder case.

Kimberly Elise as Detective Leonore Jackson, Detective Kevin Raines partner throughout the film.

Mike Epps as Dr. Chris Salgado, a close friend to Dr. Paul Kersey and barely in the film.

Elisabeth Shue as Lucy Rose Kersey, the wife of Dr. Paul Kersey and the sacrificial lamb for this film.

Camila Morrone as Jordan Kersey, the daughter of Paul and Lucy Kersey, most of the film she's in a coma.

Movie Notes
-Bruce Willis is sleepwalking through this film
-The crown at the movie theater is white trash
-Mike Epps is his black friend, what a surprise
-Does anyone care that Lucy is dead?
-The conservative's wet dream begins
-Why isn't Vincent D'Onofrio is this film more?
-This movie does not choose a side

Behind the Scenes
-Sylvester Stallone wanted to originally do this remake in 2006 but it ended in 2009
-Joe Carnahan wrote the first script and had planned on directing it but left in 2013 because of creative differences. He had planned on having Liam Neeson and Frank Grillo star in his version.
-Gerarado Naranjo had been rumored to direct and wanted to cast Benicio Del Toro but this version never came to fruition
-Eli Roth came in March 2016 and got this movie rewritten and directed quickly
-Filming for this movie took place in Chicago, Illinois, Montreal and Quebec, Canada
-The original release of this movie was supposed to come out in November 22, 2017 but was pushed back to March 2, 2018 because of the mass shooting in Las Vegas in October 1, 2017

Overall we all gave this movie a pass. Wait for it on DVD/Blu-Ray or streaming.




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