Jurassic June roars on with Matt and Steve reviewing Jurassic Park 3 from 2001. This VHS is loaded with trailers and a great Universal Theme park promo. We discuss what is going on with this dinosaur film that no one really was asking for at the end of dinosaur fatigue. This film’s story is a basic rescue mission where Amanda and Paul Kirby trick Dr. Grant into going to Isla Sorna to find Eric, their son. Guess what?!? Everything goes to hell and they have to talk to the raptors to escape the Island.

Directed by Joe Johnston
Produced by Kathleen Kennedy and Larry. Franco
Written by Peter Buchman, Alexander Payne, Jim Taylor
Based on characters created by Michael Crichton
Starring Sam Neill, William H. Macy, Tea Leoni, Alessandro Nivola, Trevor Morgan and Michael Jeter
Music by Don Davis (Jurassic Park themes composed by John Williams)
Production Company: Amblin Entertainment
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Released in the United Stats on July 18, 2001
Runtime of 92 minutes
Budget of $93 million
Box Office Gross of $368.8 million

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