Matt and Steve got new jobs! We are working at a rat-infested textile mill, and we are working the Graveyard Shift (1990). Graveyard Shift is our second movie in our Stephen King October!

Graveyard Shift (1990) was released October 26, 1990, with a budget of $10 million and brought in $11.5 million in the box office.

Director: Ralph S. Singleton (Producer of Clear and Present Danger, Listen here)
Writers: Stephen King (short story), John Esposito (screenplay)

Graveyard Shift 1990 Cast:
David Andrews  (Listen to our Cherry 2000 review) as John Hall
Kelly Wolf as Jane Wisconsky
Stephen Macht as Warwick
Andrew Divoff as Danson
Vic Polizos as Brogan
Brad Dourif as The Exterminator

Come back next week and listen to our Salem's Lot: The Movie (1979) VHS Movie Review. We have a special guest to help us break it down!

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