Grab your ear buds and listen to Matt and Steve discuss G.I. Joe: The Movie from 1987. This is one of the most bizarre animated films Analog Jones has ever watched for this podcast. It stars Don Johnson; the ladies man himself, and the 60’s Pigeon from Batman, Burgess Meredith. Don’t go into a coma while watching this but just in case, don’t worry, Sgt Slaughter can save you! Remember kids, knowing is half the battle. YO JOE!!!


Directed by Don Jurwich

Based on G.I. Joe by Hasbro

Starring: Don Johnson, Burgess Meredith, Sgt. Slaughter

Production Companies: Hasbro, Sunbow Entertainment, Marvel Television, Toei Animation Co

Release Dates: April 20, 1987 (United States) or September 19, 1988 (United Kingdom)

Running Time of 93 minutes


Time Stamps

00:00 Our history with G.I. Joe & a little history on Hasbro

09:02 Matt breaks down the box art

17:26 We pop in the tape and breakdown the movie

39:00 Roadblock PSA

39:30 Behind the Scenes of the movie and we explain Duke’s “Coma”

46:37 What’s going in our museum and What’s next!


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