Listen to Analog Jones as we try to catch a murderer in New York with our mind powers!

Quick Facts
Eyes of Laura Mars is an American thriller film that was released August 2, 1978, on a budget of $7 million and had a box office return of $20 million.

Directed by Irvin Kershner
Produced by Jack H. Harris, Jon Peters and Laura Ziskin
Written by John Carpenter and David Zelag Goodman
Production Company: Columbia Pictures
Distributed by Columbia Pictures

Faye Dunaway as Laura Mars
Tommy Lee Jones as Lieutenant John Neville
Brad Dourif as Tommy Ludlow
René Auberjonois as Donald Phelps
Raúl Juliá as Michael Reisler
Frank Adonis as Sal Volpe

VHS Box Summary
This riveting tale of murder and suspense stars Faye Dunaway as Laura Mars, New York's most controversial fashion photographer. World-renowned for her sensational, erotic portraits of models in settings of glorified urban violence, Laura Mars exhibits a mystifying psychic ability. In her mind's eye, as if through the lens of her camera, she "witnesses" a series of bizarre murders with terrifying clarity. All of the victims are people Laura has known. Police detective John Neville (Tommy Lee Jones) discovers a striking similarity between Laura's works and classified police photographs of the murders, and he attempts to unravel the events which have taken control of Laura's mind. The film builds to a spine-chilling climax when the Eyes of Laura Mars reveals the identity of the killer.

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