Get ready for sand, sweat and exhaust smoke! Gary Busey stars in Eye of the Tiger and fights a motorcycle gang from hell.

Eye of the Tiger Quick Facts
Eye of the Tiger was released to your local video store on November 24, 1986, with a mystery budget.

Director: Richard C. Sarafian
Writer: Michael Thomas Montgomery (as Michael Montgomery)

Eye of the Tiger Cast
Gary Busey as Buck Matthews, a Vietnam veteran that returns home after getting out of prison and finds his town overrun by a drug running motorcycle gang.
Yaphet Kotto as J.B. Deveraux, a cop that works under a corrupt Sheriff and is good friends with Buck Matthews.
Seymour Cassel as Sheriff, he secretly gets paid off by the motorcycle gang to turn the other cheek.
William Smith as Blade, the leader of the motorcycle gang.

Back of the Box Synopsis
Buck Matthews (Gary Busey) fights the system and, with the support of an old friend (Yaphet Kotto), becomes the lone symbol of justice in a small Texas town, riddled with the corruption of a ruthless sheriff. Out of prison for a crime, he didn't commit, Buck returns to his hometown, hoping to settle down with his wife and daughter. But this is not to be. When a sadistic gang of drug-running bikers murderously violates the sanctity of his home, Buck is forced into an escalating battle of violence and action. Now, vengeance must be his, or all will be lost!

Box Quotes
'Nam was hell...
Prison unbearable...
But Coming home meant murder.'

"Busey's back in top form" Keven Thomas, L.A. Times

Eye of the Tiger Trailers
A Japanese Anime
Montage Trailer of Eye of the Tiger

Motorcyclist flies through a wall.
A Motorcyclist gets decapitated by Buck.
Buck's dead wife is dragged in her casket down the street.
A badass truck with missiles and machine guns in used by Buck to kick ass.
Dynamite is shoved up a guys butt.
J.B. jumps into a plane and drops bombs like the Red Barron.
Sheriff gets boooooowed up!
Blade the leader is killed with COCAINE.

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