Leprechaun 2 & Final Mission (1994) VHS Movie Review
This week Matt and Steve breakdown a double promo tape of both Leprechaun 2 and Final Mission from Trimark Pictures. Trimark Pictures no longer exist after they merged with Lionsgate in 2000.

Leprechaun 2 Film Details
-Leprechaun 2 has a runtime of 85 minutes and was released on April 8, 1994. The tagline for this movie was “This time…luck has nothing to do with it”.
-Directed by Rodman Flender and he has directed Idle Hands (1999), Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop (2011) and Roger Corman’s The Unborn (1991).
-Based on characters by Mark Jones and written by Turi Meyer and Al Septien which both went on to be writers and producers on Smallville by the WB and The CW.
-Starring Warwick Davis as the Leprechaun. Warwick Davis has played characters such as the Ewok Wicket from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Willow and Professor Filius Flitwick and Griphook in the Harry Potter films.
-Leprechaun 2 had a budget of around 2 million dollars, grossed $2.3 million in the US Box office and grossed over $5 million worldwide.

Leprechaun 2 Box Art Breakdown
-Matt breaks down the VHS box and tells us about the Leprechaun’s hand flap that wraps around the VHS box art.
-He then describes the VHS box art and reads all the promo tapes advertising details.
-Next Matt reads the synopsis of the film on the back of the VHS box.

Leprechaun 2’s Trailers and Promos
-We start with a film called Trading Mom from 1994 starring Sissy Spacek and why we would never watch it.
-Next we mock the energy of the executive talking about Leprechaun and listen to more of the promo.

Leprechaun 2 Notes
-Movie starts in 1894, is this a prequel? Is this the same Leprechaun?
-What’s the story behind the 3 sneezes? Why does he choose 1000 years?
-Ripping the bums tooth out was gross and narly
-Uncle Morty is a blast, one of our favorite drunken con artist
-Wow, Clint Howard is in this?!?
-Uncle Morty tries to sell everyone his franchise
-Ian gets sliced and diced by a lawn mower when he tries to motor boat Bridget’s boobs which is clearly someone else’s boobs
-Morty and Cody go to a bar, that is filled with little people dressed as leprechaun’s for St. Patrick’s Day. Cody is given a piece of chocolate in a gold wrapper by a weird little person played by the famous Tony Cox of Bad Santa. Morty challenges the Leprechaun to a drinking contest and Morty cheats to win by drinking water. The Leprechaun bashes Morty in the head and gets away.
-The Leprechaun has to sober up at a coffee shop and takes time to kill a waiter by melting his face off after he ask him to pay. The waiter is played by Michael McDonald of Mad TV.
-Morty and Cody find a giant Iron safe and trap the Leprechaun in it. Morty ask for his wishes, then wishes for the Leprechaun’s gold and the Leprechaun tricks him by putting the pot of gold in Morty’s stomach. The Leprechaun then slices him open to get it out and kills Morty.
-The Leprechaun kills the security guard by running him down in a really cool looking Leprechaun custom go-kart that is covered in spikes. We find out Cody can’t be hurt because he has the Leprechaun’s gold coin.
-We talk about the Leprechaun’s tree lair and it’s magical appeal. Cody tricks the Leprechaun with the chocolate coin and kills him with an iron bar. The Leprechaun explodes in a wonderful 90’s animation explosion. Cody and Bridget survive!


Time stamps

1:22 Leprechaun 2 Film Details

5:27 Leprechaun 2 trailer

5:55 Leprechaun 2 Box Art Breakdown

11:53 Trading Mom trailer

14:40 Executive talking about Leprechaun 2

16:42 Leprechaun 2 Clip and Movie Notes

21:20 Leprechaun 2 Clip of the tooth scene

29:37 Leprechaun 2 Clip of the drinking contest

42:42 Final Mission Trailer

43:17 Final Mission Box Art Breakdown

49:32 Final Mission Movie Notes

55:46 What’s going in the Museum?

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