Its time to learn about dinosaurs! With the help of Will Vinton Studios and Fred Savage most kids in the late 80's and 90's learned about dinosaurs from this awesome VHS. Fred Savage is playing a little boy named Phillip and he's struggling to find an idea for a class science topic but suddenly a song called Mesozoic Mind comes on the radio and gives him a great idea, DINOSAURS. Matt and Steve discuss their favorite parts from this quick but jammed pack film from Golden Vision. 

Dinosaurs! A Fun Filled Trip Back in Time was released to video on November 20, 1987 and has a runtime of 30 minutes.

Produced by Will Vinton, Dick Baka and Jim Bousa
Written by Susan Shadburne and Virginia Theimer Clapper
Starring Fred Savage
Production companies are Will Vinton Productions and Pyramid Films
Distributed by Golden Vision

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