Analog Jones and the Jersey Ghouls go hunting for killer apes! Get ready for cartoon accents, a smoking/drinking gorilla and sesame cake in our Congo (1995) VHS Movie Review! 

Quick Facts
Directed by Frank Marshall
Produced by Kathleen Kennedy and Sam Mercer
Screenplay by John Patrick Shanley
Based on Congo by Michael Crichton
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date: June 9, 1995
Running time: 109 minutes
Budget: $50 million
Box office: $152 million

Laura Linney as Karen Ross
Dylan Walsh as Peter Elliott
Ernie Hudson as Captain Monroe Kelly
Tim Curry as Herkermer Homolka
Grant Heslov as Richard
Joe Don Baker as R.B. Travis
Bruce Campbell as Charlie Travis

June 1995 Movies
1 Batman Forever $184,031,112
2 Apollo 13 $172,071,312
3 Pocahontas $141,579,773
4 Congo $81,022,101
5 The Bridges of Madison County $71,516,617
6 Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers $38,187,431
7 Judge Dredd $34,693,481


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