Look out pardners, there's a new podcast in town! Matt and Steve discuss An American Tail: Fievel Goes West from 1991. The Mousekewitzes get kicked out of their home by cats and escape to the sewers. Once there they meet a strange marionette mouse promising them a new home out west where cats and mice live in peace. Of course Tiger comes along and Fievel gets separated from his family on the trip, I mean we need to repeat that old plot device!

Once out west the mice are asked by Cat R. Waul to build a new saloon but little do the mice know that Cat R. Waul and the rest of the cats plan on eating them soon after they are finished. Will Fievel be able to find Wylie Burp, voiced by a very old James Stewart, and get him to help? Can Tiger escape the Indian mice that think he's a god? Will this movie be as good as the first? Come listen and find out!

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