Listen to Analog Jones try to solve this mystery and not get turned into a couple of porn addicts. 

Quick Facts
8mm was released into theaters on February 26, 1999, on a budget of $40 mil and made $96.6 mil worldwide.

Production Company: Global Entertainment Productions
Distributor: Columbia Pictures
Director: Joel Schumacher
Producers: Gavin Polone, Judy Hofflund, and Joel Schumacher
Writer: Andrew Kevin Walker

Nicolas Cage as Tom Welles
Joaquin Phoenix as Max California
James Gandolfini as Eddie Poole
Peter Stormare as Dino Velvet
Anthony Heald as Daniel Longdale
Myra Carter as Mrs. Christian
Catherine Keener as Amy Welles
Norman Reedus as Warren Anderson
Amy Morton as Janet Mathews
Torsten Voges as Stick
Luis Saguar as Manny
Chris Bauer as George Anthony Higgins / Machine
Jenny Powell as Mary Ann Mathews

VHS Description
"Devastating! Thought-Provoking! Mind-Blowing!" -Lynn Blades AP-TV

Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage (Best Actor 1995, Leaving Las Vegas) stars with Joaquin Phoenix and Catherine Keener in an electrifying thriller from the writer of Seven. Directed by Joel Schumacher (The Client, Batman Forever, A Time to Kill), this dramatic story follows one man's obsessive search for the truth about a six-year-old crime–and his ultimate discovery of the truth about himself.

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